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Frankie O'Hara (Burnin Love)

Name: Frankie O'Hara
Height: 6'6
Weight: 235lbs
Age: 23
Personality: Rash, kind, blunt, jolly, and arrogant
Likes: Cigarettes, candy, snake skin clothes [[He uses snake skin clothes to ward off snakes]], and compliments

Backstory: Frankie took the title of middle child to the extreme, always causing trouble for his brothers. He would run off when no one was looking, doing his own thing for attention; not because he felt left out, but because he just loved the acknowledgement. As he grew up like this, he made his own little gang that would appear to be rough and tough, but he would beat up all the members and force them to help people and do things that would make their title as a "GANG" become closer to a group of helpful teens.  As the years went by, he followed the same life style, until he was asked one day if he would like to pursue the life of a model and take his goal of helping people into the fashion world. Frankie of course took it, and uses any money to help small shops and charities.  As Frankie lives his life of fashion and fast cars, his little brother Kansas contacts him to ask him to join his Stand Research and Control team, hoping to build a safe world for the people and stand users who can't fend for themselves.
Stand Name: Burning Love

Origin of Stand Name
Song: Burning Love
Artist: Elvis Presley 

Stand Stats: 

Destructive Power: B
Speed: C
Range: E 2 meters (7 feet)
Durability: A
Precision: A
Development Potential: C

Stand Type: Close Combat/Ability Type

Stand Close Ranged Abilities:

Stand and User can spit fire like a flame thrower.

Stand's Abilities:

Invulnerable to heat: Anything that can burn a human being Frankie is able to be immune to any forms of temperature heat wise.

Temperature increase: Frankie can raise his temperature at will, he can pass above the normal heat tolerance of a human.
JJBAOC Kansas O'Hara
UPDATED ON 3/20/2017

Name:Kansas O'Hara
Height: 6'4
Weight: 257 lbs
Age: 21
Personality: Cautious, socially dense, easily excited
Backstory: Kansas is both Irish (from his father) and Japanese (from his mother), so he has traveled a lot and explored places in both countries. When his Stand manifested, his parents had him and his sibling (who hid their stand from Kansas) go and train with their grandfather in Ireland, so that they could understand their stands much better. As he grew, so did his paranoia of other stand users being around. His first battle was in India, where it ended in the death of the attacker. After that, he trained by himself and made it his goal to make sure he never encountered another Stand user again.

Present day Kansas:
He is a proud owner of a company that packages chips and other food items that are sent out to consumers personally, or distributed at any "KanMart." He started the "KanMart" chain as a way to compete with bigger brand companies like SamsMart Or DollarFamily (Like the knock off store names?).
But underneath each building that Kansas runs, are research facilities that study, monitor, and police Stand Users.

Stand Name: Wayward Son
Origin of Stand Name
Song: Carry On my Wayward Son
Band: Kansas

Stand Stats: 

Destructive Power: A
Speed: c
Range: C
Durability: A
Precision: B
Development Potential: D


Stand Type: Close Combat

Stand Ability: Pressure Manipulation
Whatever Wayward Son comes into contact to can have pressure added or subtracted from and object, person, or any kind of closed in spaces.

Stand Ability More In Depth:
Wherever Wayward Son makes contact, pressure can be added to that spot depending on extent of contact and duration of time. If the stand hits enough times, the pressure added to that part of the body/object can cause limb loss or compress things into much smaller items.

Support Uses:
The stand can relieve pressure to help get rid of migraines, for example, as well as on parts of the body that have been compressed/damaged by pressure in order to make healing easier.

Ability Effects In Closed Off Areas:
In any closed off areas such as rooms in a house, alley ways, and any kind of vehicle, Pressure can be added and subtracted. Whoever is in these spaces will feel the affects on the body however the user sees fit.

Other Uses:
Pressure being manipulated on the user so much that when released it can propel him into the sky; he can repeat this to gain constant flight (but landing is a problem so it's used only as it is needed)

Mini pressure bombs can also be set with smaller objects that are usually spread out across the ground. If triggered, the items will fly up like bullets. The same can be done with things on walls, although it can't be used as well as items on the ground.

Fists: The bigger fists are able to go away so that WWS can cook for Kansas (cause he can't cook lol)

Wayward Son is also a trash can, he eats random trash and other things that people can't eat. He really loves yarn. (This is not an attack move, it's more for the sake of comedy in rp).
Commissions Open!

What I will not draw:
animals, extreme fetishes, extreme gore, and any kind of robot.

Extra Costs:
NSFW will be $3.00 extra and depending on what is requested the price may vary.
Backgrounds will be $5.00 extra but if it’s complicated I will have to decline.
Tweaking up stuff may or may not affect price, It will all depend on how much of the drawing is completed.

Payment via paypal
How the payment will go through will be discussed if there needs to be accommodations.

Contact information:
You can either contact me at my tumblr…
with my email
Or Note me here on DA

Open commission slots:

I will update everyone when the slots are all closed.

I hope whoever took the time to read this and considered commissioning me have a great day, week, and rest of your life!! : D



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